Hi there.

I’m 66 and beautiful.

Sounds vain, I know, but believe me, it has taken all 66 years for me to think so.

Since I watched my mother use Pond’s Cold Cream and Coty lipstick in the 1950s, I’ve loved makeup. And just because I am now … well… very mature, it doesn’t mean I’m not still fascinated and enthralled.

I frequently check out beauty blogs and videos. And overwhelmingly, I find I’m being instructed by a teenager.

Don’t get me wrong – these teenagers are knowledgeable. Last year when I wanted to wear false eyelashes to a big party, I checked out Youtube to find the latest technique for false eyelash application. And a teen gave me terrific step-by-step instructions.

But – teenagers can’t really tell me what products work on ‘mature’ skin, or what concealer is good for age spots, or whether contouring is a good idea once you have a Medicare card in your wallet.

I buy a TON of product. I try everything. It’s my avocation, which is a much nicer word than obsession. And I think that there may be many mature but stylish women like me, who want to discuss makeup and skincare with women their own age.

So I’ve decided to share what I try – what I like and what is successful for me.

I hope you will join in the conversation and add your ideas.

Thanks, Nancy


PS-  You can find my other blog – where I write mostly about Kindness and Goodness and Aging at this link:  NOT QUITE OLD.