How To Fix A Black Eye

This step-by-step guide to fixing my black eye may come in handy for those of you how may be a bit clutzy… or those who have a birthmark or other so-called ‘flaw’ that you may want to cover

Step 1.   Get yourself a black eye.  This can be easy if you have stone steps leading down to a stone patio. Add in bifocal glasses that slightly throws off your depth perception. As an additional factor, make sure you land on your face, so those self-same glasses punch you nicely in the eye. Simple, right?



blackeyeupdate (2)


Step 2. Go to Sephora and promise to spend a wad of money if they will show you how to cover up a black eye. Then be really really happy because they can do it with only TWO products. (and a little loose setting powder):

Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid  (in Deep Peach)
Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer (in a warm shade that matches your skin tone – in my case, Golden Beige)




Step 3.  Appy the color corrector on the discoloration you want to hide. You want to apply it as carefully as possible – neutralizing only the discoloration, and not applying to any unmarked area. This looks pretty crazy –  now your bruise is orange, not purplish black. But the orange is much easier to cover than purple. Set the corrector with a bit of powder. I used a small pointed concealer brush for the corrector and a small but fluffy eyeshadow brush for the powder.



Step 4.  Apply the concealer. Apply everywhere around the eyes and to both eyes. You want your eyes to sort of match, after all. Over the bruise, you may want to apply more concealer than you normally would. Pat this in, don’t rub. You don’t want it to move.

That’s one of the reasons that the Born This Way concealer is so good. At my age, I normally use a very moisturizing, creamy concealer. But you want a drier consistency for this purpose. And Born This Way is very high coverage and dries very matte. (By the way, I LOVE this concealer, and now that I have found it, I’m using it even now that my bruise has faded.) Once again set with a little loose powder. That’s a lot of powder for older skin, and it will crease a bit after several hours, but the bruise will NOT come through. I found that using a beauty blender to gently tap the area after a few hours reduced the creasing.



Step 5.  Finish your makeup.  Go a little bright and rosy with blush and lipstick – it will help make your eyes look lighter. In the photo below, you can see that my right eye is a bit swollen, and a tiny bit of the bruise still shows – but it doesn’t look horrible. I can go out in public without scaring any children.



I was extremely happy with the result. I didn’t feel self-conscious. I felt terrific and confident for the 10 days I endured the punched-in-the-face look.

AND I found a terrific concealer in the process.

Here’s the Before and After – photos were in the same lighting just 15 minutes apart.