Why I’ve Been Quiet

I haven’t posted on this Beauty Blog in quite a while.

The reason is actually pretty simple.

I am currently in love with the products I’m using, and have not tried anything new.

This is a good thing.

When I first started this blog, I was trying new stuff almost every week. But everything was piling up – and it was expensive and wasteful – even though it was kind of fun.

But with all the purchases I have made – and there have been a TON – I seem now to have stumbled upon a combination that really works for me.

I’m sure eventually I may get bored with this look, or want to try something else, and I’ll be shopping again.

But in the meantime – I am LOVING the way I look and saving a lot of money.

So here’s what has been my go-to look for several months now:

Daytime moisturizer:  Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. It’s light, fresh, absorbs easily. Perfect for summer.

Primer: L’Oreal True Match Lumi Glotion in 902 Light. This is marketed as a highlighter and natural glow enhancer, and not necessarily a primer. But I find it works exactly like BECCA’s Backlight primer under my makeup and looks beautiful. I love a glowy look, and this is lovely. And it’s cheaper than Backlight.

Foundation:  IT Cosmetics CC Cream Illumination in Medium. Like with the primer, I like the bit of glow I get from this foundation. And the coverage is very good without looking heavy. If I’m at my palest, I mix this with a bit of any lighter shade of foundation I happen to have, but Medium works better for me than Light. Plus it has an SPF of 50.

Concealer: Clinique Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer in 06 Very Light. This concealer has great coverage for my undereye dark circles without settling into my crepey lines. It comes in a ton of shades too, so you can get a really good match. I only need the tiniest amount, and I spread a bit on my upper lids too to give me a nice even base. If I feel the need to set with a little powder, I use Clinique’s Invisible Blend loose powder – again just a bit. But the concealer alone sets quite well.

Bronzer:  Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Bronzed. I have quite a few bronzers that I like, but this one – although it’s described as matte – gives me a lit-from-within healthy glow. I think this may simply be because it seems to be the absolute perfect shade for my complexion.

Blush: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush. This is described as a rose blush with champagne highlights. It’s a warm rather than a cool rose, and like the primer and foundation, gives the most beautiful glow. I brush this on the apples of my cheeks and then lightly go over the bridge of my nose too, to look like I have been at the beach.

Highlighter: Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighter Duo in Warm Glow. Like with the bronzers, I have several highlighters that I like, but this one is not too “in-your-face” while still enhancing the high points of my face. It also doesn’t emphasize my crowsfeet.

Eyes:  Aha!  No Specific Shadow! Here’s what I have discovered (from a YouTube beauty blogger) that is easy, flattering, and pulls your look together.  I am using my bronzer, blush, and highlighter on my eyes too. Bronzer in the crease, and with a fine brush, and as liner on the outer half of my eyes for definition. Then a touch of blush on the lids, which makes my blue eyes glow. As a final pop of shine, a tiny bit of my highlighter dabbed on with my finger right in the center of my lids… really opens my eyes up.

Liner: Marc Jacobs Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon in Earthquake. This is a bit of a splurge, but the lasting power of this liner is amazing. Plus, if you work quickly, you can smudge it just a bit so it doesn’t look too harsh. I line the waterline of my upper lid (nothing on the lower) and then smudge the very outer corners (upper and lower) of my eyes… like a V.

Mascara:  Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect in Black. Where the liner is pricey, this is a steal at $4.99. And it works just as well as expensive mascaras.

Brows:  Essence Make Me Brow Gel Mascara in Light. Another savings here. (I also like Ulta’s own brand of brow gel). I don’t have unruly brows and I have long bangs too… so I don’t need anything fancy. Just a little definition now that my brows are thinning a bit and going grey.

Lips: Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon in Send Nudes. It is difficult to describe the finish of this lip product. It has a sheen but is not glossy. It lasts, but it’s not matte. And the color is terrific… although it is described as a brown nude, it is darker than most nude lip shades and has a natural pink undertone. It’s expensive, but to me, it is worth every penny.  (I also line my lips – because my definition is fading with age, and I like Rimmel’s Exaggerate lip liner in Epic…. but almost anything will do with this neutral lip color.)

Powder: I only powder one spot on my face – the tip of my nose. I have a freckle/age spot right on the tip of my nose that drives me crazy, and concealer can make it look weird and unnatural. But a dab of Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light applied with my finger right on the tip of my nose plays down that little freckle very naturally. I bought the small travel size to try this, and I am glad I didn’t buy the big expense one, since using it only on that spot, the small compact will last forever.

Setting Spray: Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray. If I need my makeup to last for hours, this is the setting spray I reach for. Mostly because I love the very fine mist. And it continues the dewy look I love without looking too sparkly. I use my beauty blender to pat it in place after spraying… it seems to give a natural understated and blended look.

This all sounds like a lot, but I can do it all in under 15 minutes, which I think is really quick, considering all the products I use and how polished – and beautiful – I feel.

And although I’ve said it many times, I feel the need to emphasize that I am 67 years old.

To look this beautiful – and feel this confident – when I am less than three years from 70 – well, – it may be a long while before you hear from me again, because why in the world do I need to shop for anything else?



4 thoughts on “Why I’ve Been Quiet

  1. I missed you! Your post was timely as I need to pick up a lip liner. Hard to tell where my lips are these days! Also, thanks to your recommendation I have enjoyed YouTuber Lisa Eldridge. She has a very simple routine that I like.


  2. You are glowing & look happy, relaxed and beautiful! I’m curious to checkout the Marc Jacobs products you mentioned. I need to consolidate and get down to just the basics too, though I’m still on my mission to figure out what I like best. I took way too much with me when I was on vacation and wished I didn’t. I also love your bangs. I just grew mine out for the first time and miss mine! You’ve inspired me to take your picture to my hairdresser and ask her to give me my bangs back and cut them like yours!


  3. Since you’re going to leave us hanging for a while, I bookmarked this post so I could refer to it when I’m in need of more face goop–I am 68 and hopeless in the makeup department. You look fabulous!


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