A Quick Fix For Cake-Face

Here’s a quick fix to a problem I encounter once in a while…  a fix that I discovered out of desperation.

I was on my way to a little event and screwed up my makeup. What I did – and still do once in a while – is OVER-POWDER.

Too much powder on any skin can look cakey. It somehow looks really flat while at the same time shows wrinkles you didn’t even know you had. And so it is really Aging. And when you are already aging, looking extra old is not exactly a look you are going for.

And the day I discovered my fix – I had WAY over-powdered (I don’t even know how I got it so wrong) and did not have time to start over.

I took a clean soft brush and tried to brush the powder away, but I still looked dry and cakey. I needed something better than setting spray to soften the look and add some moisture back into the look of my skin.

And out of desperation, I took a little of a very soft, very silky silicone-based primer. I spread just a tiny amount onto the pads of my fingers and lightly tapped it onto my cake-face. I tapped it on my cakey undereyes, my cakey cheeks, my cakey smile lines, the cakey frown lines over my eyebrows.

And it worked.  My “finish” look softer and I recovered a little bit of a glow.

What I used was this:

maybelline baby skin

Maybelline Baby Skin. It’s called a “pore-eraser” primer, because of its blurring effect. It is colorless and extremely silky to the touch.  And it’s only about $6.99 for .67 ounces.

Now, pressing a little of this primer over your powder as a last step will not make your makeup last longer, like a setting spray does. In fact, it probably lessens your wear time.

However, if you are running late and looking too powdered and dry – it’s a fast fix that will solve your issue and get you out the door.

Today I did it again. Over-powdered because I was texting and doing my makeup at the same time. And I used my Baby Skin trick, and it worked.


After fixing my cake-face with Maybelline Baby Skin. I got my glow back.


Just FYI… lipstick in this photo is Marc Jacobs’ Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon in the shade Send Nudes. Beautiful color, texture, and longevity.

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