Grudgingly, I’ll Admit It’s Good

Late this Summer, I was in Sephora to replenish my favorite night cream.

The salesperson was – thankfully – not a young kid, but a woman closer to my own age. I would guess she was somewhat younger than I, as just about everyone is these days.

This woman and I did not get off to a great start. She told me that the cream I love, Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins, was not good enough for my needs. She told me it was time to “Step up.” I thought that was a little insulting, since it insinuated that I “cheaping¬†out” by not “stepping up.” But hey, Sephora sells the damn product there, and it’s highly rated too. And at 66, I think my skin looks pretty good – better than that wrinkly old saleslady. (Bitter? ME? Well, maybe a little.)

I ended up not buying the Night-A-Mins there. I ordered it online from Origins. And they gave me free shipping and some samples too. And they think I made a very wise purchase indeed.

However, back to Sephora. Although I sound like a person who knows her own mind on this blog, I was quite intimidated by the saleswoman, which was one reason why I didn’t buy the product she poo-pooed – not at the time, anyway.

We did however have a conversation about eye creams. I have been using an inexpensive eye cream I bought on Amazon. It’s okay – I liked it at first, but now I think it is nothing special.

My undereye area is very crepey. Concealer often makes it look even worse, and the product settles into the crepey skin and creases badly. And the powder I was using to set my concealer was not helping at all.

But I need concealer, because my undereyes are also very dark, a little trait I inherited from both sides of my family. Thank you, gene pool.

The salesperson did not think there was much wrong with my concealer and setting powder – although she did think I should use a lighter hand, and she was correct on that score. She did, however, think I needed to use a much better eye cream.

She gave me a very high-pressure sales pitch for an eye serum. It is Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum.


It costs a whopping $85 for half an ounce!  Whoa!

But this aggressive salesperson insisted that the tiniest bit goes a long way and the bottle will last for months and months. And that it was really good. And that I really really really needed it.

And in a moment of weakness (and I have a lot of those) – I said okay.

I bought the tiny damn bottle that no cream or serum that doesn’t contain liquid diamonds plus a cure for cancer should ever cost.

I had buyer’s remorse as soon as I got home. I left it in the bag and figured I’d return it as soon as possible.

But it sat there – patiently waiting in its box in its black-and-white striped bag – for two weeks.

And in another moment of weakness (I told you I have a lot of those) – one evening I took it out and used it. Just a tiny bit.

And the next night and the next.

And then a teensy amount in the morning too, before I applied my makeup.

And I knew I wouldn’t return it. So I kept on using it. For the next 3 months.

And guess what????

The damn stuff WORKS!

I’m still 66 years old – it’s not like my wrinkles are going to disappear.

But OMG, the crepiness is much improved. My concealer doesn’t crease nearly so much.

And when this ridiculously expensive bottle is empty, I’m going to go to Sephora and buy another one.

And maybe apologize to that salesperson.

(But probably not.)


I’m deliberating using an unretouched photo where I’ve already had my makeup on for hours. So you can see that my undereye is not perfect, but not so bad either.