Ipsy vs Allure – July Samples

I decided to wait until August to review my July bags, because sometimes I just need a little more time to decide whether I like something or not.

For instance, in a previous bag from Allure I received Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster Serum, and I thought it was fairly good. But after using it a few more times, I liked it even more.  So I really should have rated it higher than I did.

So this month I gave both my Ipsy and Allure bags a bit more time.

I had planned when I subscribed to both Ipsy Bag and Allure beauty boxes that I would decide which was the better deal, and keep only one subscription.  And last month I liked the Ipsy bag a lot more than Allure beauty box.

But of course, this month just the opposite happened.

So I am still undecided which monthly subscription I like more.

In the IPSY BAG  I got:

ipsyjulybagThis little vinyl zipper bag that the samples came in. It is definitely a little too cutesy for a woman my age, but my eleven-year-old niece loved it.

brtc maskBRTC Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Mask. To be honest, this may be a great product, but I love the nighttime routine I am using right now (rosehip seed oil) – so I am putting this unopened into my collection for the women’s shelter.
ciateliner.pngCiate London Gel-Kohl Hybrid Liner (in Black). This is a good liner, but brown or gray liners are much more flattering to me. This is also going into the give-away bag.

deepdiveTarte Rainforest Of The Sea Deep-Dive Cleansing Gel.  This is a very tiny sample, but I was pretty excited to get it, since I like the Tarte brand a lot. But this cleanser was very disappointing. It left a filmy residue that I just didn’t like.

sosusanbrushSo Susan Blender Brush. I have never heard of the brand So Susan, and I have lots of shadow and other cosmetic brushes. So at first I thought it was kind of ho-hum. But after giving it a try, I find I really like this brush a lot, and I’m using it every day. It turns out to be the best of the Ipsy offerings this month.

trifleTrifle Cosmetics Raspberry Ripple Ombre Radiance Blush Palette.  This is a small sample of some unusual colors that I don’t already have in my blush collection. They work best when I swirl them together, but they are not really colors I would use a lot. The middle color makes a nice base eyeshadow though.

So that’s the bag from Ipsy. Definitely not anything I am loving, except the brush. But probably worth the $10 cost – if for no other reason that my niece liked the bag.



I was really happy with my Allure samples this month. Here’s what I received:

feelmaskFeel Brilliant Charcoal Face Sheet Mask.  I’ll confess that even after weeks I haven’t yet used this. If it is still unopened by the time I get my next box, I’ll just donate this instead.

beautyforreallip Beauty For Real Lip Revival Exfoliating and Hydrating Lip Scrub. I have never used a lip exfoliator before. But I like this – my lips feel very smooth and the product has a refreshing tingle that seems to plump my lips. It’s especially nice before apply a matte lipstick which tends to show every little crack and crease.

briogeoBriogeo Rosarco Blow-Dry Perfection & Heat Protectant Creme. This is a very silky pre-styling conditioner. The timing for this is perfect for summer-fried hair. I’m using it and I like it.

cargoCargo Swimmables Water Resistant Blush (in Bali). I don’t really need a blush I can swim in, but one that can stand up to Zumba is a plus. And this is a pretty and wearable rose shade- not too dark but not too light. And it’s a decent sized sample too – it’s only about 1/3 the size of their regular blush, but that means it is nearly as big as the small Nars blushes that I love – and pay $30 for. I’ve worn it several times already.

burtsbeesBurt’s Bees Complete Nourshiment Facial Oil. This is not a brand I am fond of – their lip balms irritate my lips. This facial oil seems nice though, and does contain my beloved rosehip seed oil. But the sample size is teensy-tiny – I only got a few applications out of the bottle, which is nowhere near enough for anyone to to decide whether they like the product or not. It also contains jojoba and primrose seed oils as well as a long list of other seed oils. The fragrance is distinctly woodsy. I don’t like the smell of rosehip seed oil by itself, but I’d rather not have such a hodgepodge of oils – where I can’t pinpoint what is beneficial and what is not. And straight rosehip oil is cheaper.

wanderlipstick Wander Beauty Lipstick (in Barely There). This is another generously-sized sample –  half the size of their regular lipstick. And the color is very pretty – a medium rosy-mauve – that goes great with the Cargo blush. It has good lasting ability too. Another winner.

redken07 Redken Fashion Waves 07 Sea-Salt Spray. I was not overly excited to see such an ordinary brand as Redken in my Allure box. But guess what? I love this! My hair is very fine and I get really good volume and body from this spray. And I can use it on wet or dry hair. Of all the products I received this month, this is the one I am sure I will repurchase. Just goes to show that you never know what you are going to love.

So in summary, I got SEVEN products in my Allure Beauty Box, and several of them – the blush, the lipstick and the sea salt spray – are terrific. This month’s box was well worth the $15 cost.

I can’t wait to see what August brings.








8 thoughts on “Ipsy vs Allure – July Samples

    • I think they are buying a lot of exposure on Facebook. But the lipstick is pretty nice. They are pricey though – this shade only comes (I think) in their dual-ended products – so combined with another shade.. and it’s $30. To me, that’s too expensive for lipsticks when there are so many good options out there. You can get an Urban Decay Vice lipstick in a zillion different shades for $17, for example. And less for some drugstore options.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Redken isn’t a brand I would normally buy but I have fine hair that likes to lay flat no matter the cut. So I am always on the lookout for a good volumizer at a decent price. My current favorite is Davines which is pricey even on Ebay. The drugstore foam mousses I’ve tried dries my hair out. I will be buying Redken soon -thanks!


    • I hope it works for you. I also like Catwalk’s Your Highness Thickening Gel Creme. Works well and the price tag isn’t too bad. (neither is the Redken – you get quite a bit of product in the regular size of either.) The Catwalk product runs between $13-17, depending on where you find it, and the Redken is $19.50 at Ulta.


  2. Whoa. I don’t get the Allure bag, but my Ipsy contents were totally different. I got Too Faced ‘Better than sex mascara’, Seraphine Botanicals ‘Ginger and Gold (a blush), Chella eyebrow cream in ‘tantalizing taupe’, Ciate Wonderwand Kohl liner and Eau Themale Avene Cleanance MAT Mattifiying toner. But I don’t know if that’s a result of each person filling out their ‘preferences’ or if it’s simply the way that the cookie crumbles.


    • I like the sound of your products better than mine! Perhaps it is preferences – or maybe just a matter of supply – I don’t know. But I’d like a travel size of Better Than Sex (which is my favorite mascara). And I looked up the blush and it looks really interesting!


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