Rosehip Seed Oil

Last week, I shared my experiment with using castor oil to help improve my sparse eyelashes.  I found that sometimes natural products really work.

Well, here’s another one.

Rosehip Seed Oil

About six weeks ago, I read about the benefits of using rosehip seed oil as a nighttime facial treatment. Rosehip Seed Oil is packed with vitamins, anti-oxidents and anti-inflammatory fatty acids. Many women around the world have been using this for years, but it certainly has come into fashion with proponents like Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham.

Rosehip seed oil is moisturizing, firming, and brightening. It’s also shown to be effective in reducing and preventing wrinkles, diminishing age spots, and even fading scars.

I thought I would give it a try so I picked up a bottle at my local natural foods store. I also bought another brand online.


Some brands are quite expensive, but you don’t have to buy the pricey kind that the Duchess of Cambridge likes. I paid $11 locally and $8 online.  Just make sure it is cold-pressed, so it hasn’t lost its nutrients.

Rosehip seed oil is easy to apply. After I have thoroughly cleansed my face, I apply three or four drops onto the palm of my hand. I warm it in my hands and then massage it into my face and neck. This small amount is plenty.  Most information sources advise you to use the oil as a last step in your moisturizing routine… that you should start with your thinnest product (serum, if you use one), and then go thicker to thickest…that is,  moisturizer and then the oil.

But that order just doesn’t work for me. For one thing, I use serum as part of my morning routine. But more important, I don’t like the smell of the oil at all. To me, it has a slightly fishy smell. (some brands are worse than others, I believe). Some people say that it smells like cold tea or something earthy – but I find it fishy.

But my nighttime moisturizer, Origins Night-A Mins, smells heavenly. And it is quite thick and blends well with the oil. So I apply the rosehip seed oil first, and the Night-A-Mins moisturizer last. So I get the lovely smell and not the fishy smell.

And six weeks later, I see results.

My skin is plumper, firmer, and my fine lines are less noticeable. I think even my deeper wrinkles look a little improved. I haven’t seen much improvement in my age spots, but I think that may need more time. Age spots are very difficult to lighten.

Overall, I am really happy with my rosehip oil, and it nows has a permanent part of my skin care regimen.

And now I have a further reason to love Rosehip Seed Oil.

I love trying new makeup ideas, and I recently saw a video about getting a more “glowy” summer look.  This idea really interested me, because sometimes I feel that I look a little powdery – like my great aunts used to look in the 50s. I am not quite ready to look so old!

The video I saw suggested adding a drop of facial oil to your foundation. Any oil – argan oil, maracuja oil, rosehip oil – even just plain almond oil. Any oil that is good for your face can be added to your foundation.

So I gave it a try. I used my rosehip seed oil. And just a drop into my foundation (Origins Plantscription) didn’t overpower me with the smell either. I would say the ratio is about 3 parts foundation to 1 part oil. And yes, it added a wonderful sheen to my matte foundation. I lost a bit of opacity, but I didn’t really mind, since the finish is so beautiful.

I still felt I needed a setting powder to make my makeup last. I was a little worried that I would lose the glow.  But I had also recently invested in a new pressed powder, Laura Mercier Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder. This powder has a subtle and beautiful luminosity. It’s fine enough to even use to set undereye concealer.


Color “2 – Light”

And it works beautifully. I can set my foundation and not lose the glow.

What a nice summer look!

Thank you, all you little rosehip seeds!


On my way to the gym. My makeup has been on for more than four hours, and it still has a nice glow.



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