My Natural Eyelash Treatment

I mentioned some time ago that I was trying out a natural treatment for my sparse eyelashes.

This is a photo from 2 months ago.


original lashes

I took this closeup of my eye to illustrate how dark my undereye area was. But I was horrified at my eyelashes. I have always had very sparse, short eyelashes. But the eyelash situation was getting worse.

And the disappearance of my eyelashes was kind of a vicious circle, because I was wearing more and more mascara to cover up the problem, and then getting it all off at night was really hard on my lashes, causing me to lose more.

I thought about using Latisse or something similar, but I was worried about the side effects. I especially didn’t like the possibility that my eye color would change. I don’t have the most beautiful eyes in the world, but they are a nice blue color with hints of green and grey. The color is about the only thing I like about them.

In addition, I have read that products like Latisse are a vicious circle in themselves. Because when you stop using the product, your lashes revert right back to where they were before. So you are pretty much stuck taking the prescription forever.

So I did a little research on whether there might be a more natural remedy.

And the answer surprised me:


Yes, castor oil is good for your eyelashes (and brows and hair and skin too.)

Castor oil is high in Vitamin E and other minerals and proteins. It is antibacterial. It also is very gentle, and odorless and colorless.

It promotes hair growth – and especially eyelashes, because it not only promotes growth but also thickness and strength.

I did quite a bit of research – this is my eyes I’m talking about, and I don’t want to harm them in any way.

Once I felt assured that castor oil was safe, I went to the health food store (you can also buy it online) and bought a bottle of cold-pressed organic castor oil. Cold pressing is important to leave the nutrients intact. 


It costs $10.99 for sixteen ounces. It’s a huge bottle, and there was no legible expiration date. But castor oil has a long shelf life (often a couple of years),  and it fairly easy to tell when it has gone bad, as it becomes cloudy and smells rancid. If I am in doubt at all, it’s inexpensive enough to just toss the bottle and get a new one. 

I did a patch test first. Even if a product is harmless, you could still be allergic to it. After I was convinced I wasn’t sensitive to castor oil, I started my regimen.

At bedtime every night, I applied the castor oil to my lashline and eyelashes with the small e.l.f. smudge brush in the photo above. (a q-tip is fine too). 

In the morning, I rinsed off any residue when I washed my face. I used the castor oil every single night, and never had any irritation, redness, or swelling. My eyes were just fine.

I also stopped using my eyelash curler for a while too, since I felt I needed to be as gentle with my lashes as possible.

After 30 days, my lashes looked like this:


30 days of treatment

Notice especially my left eye (which is the left in the photo too), as that is the same eye as in the first pic. The big bare spot I had in my “before” photo right in the center of my eye is filling in. My right eye also had a bare spot and that is showing improvement as well.

After the first month, I started using my eyelash curler again once in a while, and did not see any negative effects.

And now it has been two months. 

Here’s what my lashes look like now:


60 day r

60 days of treatment

The bare spots are completely filled in, and I have noticeably more lashes.

Are they still sparse and short? Yes. Probably always will be, given my genetics. But they are very much improved, and I have more lashes than I ever imagined I would have. 

Look at them side by side: Here’s my left eye in the “before” photo and the same eye in “after” photo. I have absolutely no makeup on whatsoever. 

I think it is just amazing.


I’m going to continue with the castor oil regimen, and hope for even more improvement. But even if this is as good as it gets, it’s pretty good to me!

And once I cover up my dark circles and add a little makeup and a LOT of mascara:



How happy (and gorgeous) are these eyes ?!?!?!


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