Brighter Lips

I am all about natural looking lip color. I love a nude lip. I have dozens of Taupe, Pinky-Taupe, Taupey-Pink.

I especially lean towards the nude colors (‘my lips but a little better’) because I have really thin lips, and I tend to think a bright lipstick makes them look even smaller.

But last week I visited the hairdresser – and decided to go even blonder for the summer.

And I love it!

But I think with my hair color so light, it might be a good idea to brighten up my makeup. So I don’t look too washed out.

I have several blushes that I can build up a little and have a bit more life to my cheeks, but there is no way taupe lipstick will be anything but taupe, no matter how many coats you want to use.

So I bought a few brighter lipsticks to go with my new look.

I didn’t want to pay a lot though, since I’m not sure I am going to really love the look. And there are some really good buys out there without spending $20 each.

Here’s what I bought:



I have heard a lot of good things about Wet n Wild liptsticks in general. They are fairly good quality at an amazingly low price. So I picked one in their Megalast line and one in their Silk Finish line.

In Silk Finish, I bought Black Orchid.

This is a really dark plum in the tube and goes on a bright berry-plum color. It is very silky, as the line implies. With a creamy smooth application. The color is a little too dark for me, but it’s lasting ability is not great, so within an hour, I have just a berry stain on my lips which is just fine by me. I don’t think I will wear this much, but it was 99 CENTS !!


Wet n Wild Silk Finish in Black Orchid.  (Sorry, that it clashes so badly with my cherry-red top. )


In Wet n Wild’s Megalast line, I bought Mocha-licious.

This is described by other bloggers as “true brown” – but on my lips, it definitely has a rosy hue to the brown. I love this one!  This is longer lasting than the Black Orchid, and it applies drier and less smoothly, but with care, you can get a very nice application anyhow. I definitely have lip products with much better staying power, but it’s not bad. It will last several hours, but not through a meal. This is Wet n Wild’s more expensive line – this one cost me $2.24!


Wet n Wild Megalast in Mocha-licious

The most expensive of the bunch is Boots No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Berry Blush. Ulta lets you try on the Boots brand (one of the few “drugstore” brands that has testers) – and so I knew exactly what I was getting into, and I do love the look. It’s bright but not overly bright. It also feels great on the lips and is reasonably long-lasting. I’ve only had it a week and have worn it 5 times already. This was $12.99.


Boots No7 Moisture Drench in Berry Blush


Not so bright, you’re probably thinking. But it’s mega-bright for me.

I’m not sure I am willing to give up my nudey-lips. And I don’t think I will ever go really dark and daring. But these colors – muted shades of Plum, Mocha, and Berry – will get me through the summer – for just over $16 total.

Another shot of a very happy me in $2.24 Mocha-licious.


Wet n Wild Megalast in Mocha-licious.



7 thoughts on “Brighter Lips

    • Thanks…. not crazy about the Black Orchid, but I do like the Mocha-Licious and the Berry Blush is really pretty and versatile – and goes with most of the makeup I already own.


  1. I like the Boots one best. I have the same lips and stick to nude. Sometimes I get daring and try to find a “dark” nude or a “bright” nude. Early in the summer I bought the new Lancôme shaker with the concentrated color. Yikes! It’s an oil so more of a stain. Although I tried to get the “nudest” color it’s a very bright peach pink. I knew it was bright when my husband commented on it. (Never does that!) It was definitely a splurge and I shouldn’t have done it. Not my favorite.


      • I bought it at Sephora so that’s doable. What I have learned from you is try it first (walk out the damn store with it on your face, not in a bag!) and look for travel sizes to try first. I recently tried a Pureology shampoo (in travel size) and wasn’t all the impressed with it so I won’t buy.


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