No-Powder Look

Many women my age worry that wearing powder cosmetics will age them – emphasizing fine lines and settling badly into their uneven skin.

While I love my powder blushes, bronzers, highlighters and shadows, as well as my loose setting powders, I decided to do a makeup look today using no powder products at all.

It’s possible. And it’s actually pretty good.

So those of us “mature” women who have dry skin or well-earned wrinkles or just want to look softer and more hydrated, here’s a look you can try.



Here are the products I used:

Primer:  Cover FX Anti-Aging Primer and Too Faced Lemon Drop Shadow Insurance

Foundation:  Laura Mercier Candleglow in Macadamia mixed with Clinique Even Better in 03 Ivory (because I have slightly more color now that summer is here)

Concealer:  Per-Fekt Skin Perfection Concealer in Luminous (under eyes) and Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer in Medium (on age spots and freckles)

Bronzer:  Nars The Multiple in South Beach

Blush:  Nars The Multiple in Portofino (this is my favorite cream blush of all time)

Highlighter:  Becca Skin Perfection Spotlight in Opal

Eyes:  Shadow: Nars The Multiple in South Beach as base  with Maybelline 24 Hr Color Tatoo in Tough As Taupe on outer corners/undereye and the Becca highlight for a bright spot of color on inner corners

Brows: Fiona Stiles Brow Pencil in Blond Ash (I have to admit though, I much prefer my Smashbox brow powder here – this is where I should have cheated and used a powder.)

Liner:  IT Cosmetics No-Tug Gel Liner in Black-Brown

Mascara:  L’Oreal Lash Paradise in Blackest Black

Lips:  Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Epic as base with Butter/London Plush Rush Lipstick in Lucky

The result is a very understated natural look. I was tempted to use more makeup than usual, so it would photograph better, but I am on my way out the door, and in person, I look like I have on plenty of makeup. It’s really quite glowy.

I set with Milani’s Make It Last, but my guess is that this makeup will not last as long without my favorite setting powders.  But I’ll let you know.





3 thoughts on “No-Powder Look

  1. Interesting. I rarely use powder. One, because I don’t like to see it settle in cracks and crevices and two, my eyes are sensitive so I try to stay away from anything that can “dust up.” Looks very natural. Let us know how you liked it after several hours.


    • Here’s my 6 hour check in:
      My foundation, bronzer and blush still look okay. I’m not surprised by the blush – I love Nars Multiple in Portofino. It’s so flattering and it has good lasting power. My eyeshadow still looks okay, with just a little creasing, but the Maybelline 24-hour Color Tattoo is supposed to be 24-hour after all. It’s all sort of blended into one shade however… where it started out lighter inside and darker at the outer corners. My undereyeconcealer has rubbed off slightly – I love the silky texture of the Per-Fekt concealer, but it needs to be set. And the highlighter is just about gone. This doesn’t surprise me either – I don’t find either the stick or the liquid (the Becca product I used was liquid) last anywhere near as long as the powder highlighter. Liptstick has totally disappeared, but I had dinner, and I wasn’t wearing a long-wear product in the first place.
      Overall, my makeup hasn’t lasted like some of the powders I usually use – but really, not too bad! I could apply a little lipstick and go out, and I’d feel just fine.

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